There are four pillars which make East Wind a totally different firm comparing to its peers:

  • Understand the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs)

Comparing to the mega-size enterprises, SMEs are more cautious about the foreign investment. Meanwhile, SMEs are more sensitive on return on investment. East Wind understands that a well-prepared market entry is the key to reduce the risk and a quick return on investment.

  • Adopt the most efficient way to establish network in a foreign country

Efficiency means both capital efficiency and time efficiency. East Wind finds the best way for each individual company to establish eco-network abroad. Every hour you spend, every coin you spend, you see it and you hear it.

  • Strong commitment on long-term customer relationship

East Wind commits on the long-term relationship with all the customers. We believe only through long-term relationship, we can understand the customer better and serve the customer better. We can help you to organize one customer visit; we can offer you organize one marketing event; however, what fascinates us most is to help our customers through series of activities to enter a foreign market and become one of the most important players in its specific area.

  • Professional marketing & sales service provider

Starting from proposing the market entry strategy until closing the contract, East Wind provides all the necessary service you need with a strong focus on business development and establishment of eco-environment for future business in China and Germany.